Parents, grandparents, carers and now professionals are all welcome to become a member of the Kingston Toy Library. Join online or come into the toy library.

Why join a toy library

  • Save money on toys & parties
  • Try toys before you buy them
  • Save storage & floor space
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Access to quality toys appropriate for all children’s developmental needs
  • Enjoy meeting other families from your local community.

Get to know your local toy library

If you are interested in joining the toy library and would like to visit first, please pop in during our opening hours. Weekdays are quieter and will give you more time to chat with our coordinator.

Membership types/fees

There are three types of membership based on the number of toys borrowed each three weeks.

Membership Borrowing limit Full fee/yr Concession fee/yr* Duty levy refund**
Bronze 3 $130 $65 $60
Silver 5 $140 $70 $60
Gold 8 $150 $75 $60

*Concession is valid with govt concession card, student card. Duty levy is $30

**$60 will be refunded only if all six hours have been completed. Concession duty refund is $30

N.B. Fees are correct as of 1st March 2019


Membership fees can be paid in the toy library by:

  • Bank transfer details (provided on the day)
  • EFTPOS/Credit card* (Debit/ Bankcard, Visa and MasterCard) with surcharge of 1.5%
  • Part payment when discussed with coordinator

If you or someone you know can’t afford this please speak to our coordinator about alternative payment options.

There are fines for overdue toys, missing pieces and damaged toys. See the KTL Handbook for more information.

Baby bonus

Parents who join before their first child is six months can get six month’s free membership (get an 18-month membership for the cost of an annual membership).

Grandparents and carers membership

We know that not just parents are involved in caring for children. We offer memberships for grandparents and careers too. Please come in and speak with our coordinator or email us to learn more.

Short term membership

We now offer short term memberships for families who are only living in the area for a limited time or are wanting try out before committing.

Price $50

  • 3 month membership
  • 3 toy borrowing limit
  • 2 week renewal
  • Concession price available
  • Duty not required

Professional membership

We are now accepting professional membership for family day care, nannies, occupational therapists,  speech therapists, physiotherapists,  early intervention services,

The price is $150 annual fee and a $100 refundable bond.

  • 4 weeks loan period
  • 8 toy borrowing limit with max 3 large toys
  • no duty required
  • Abide by all our membership rules

 Gift vouchers

Not sure what to give? We have just the thing, a voucher to the Kingston Toy Library. Enquire at the toy library or send us an email.

Borrowing toys

The number of toys borrowed depends on your membership type (see ‘membership types’ above). Toys can be borrowed for a maximum of three weeks at a time and can be renewed once for two weeks, with one week’s grace period for late returns.

Members are responsible for the toys they borrow, this includes:

  • correct use of toys
  • choosing age-appropriate toys
  • Taking care with small parts & magnets
  • Not leaving toys outside in the elements
  • Cleaning toys before returning

There are no restrictions on the types of toys you can borrow. We understand how children play and that sometimes they don’t share their adventures with you, if a toy is returned incomplete we give you the option to renew the toy for some extra time to search for the pieces. After this time if you have still not been able to locate the piece a fee will be charged and is refundable when the missing piece is returned.

Member duty

The toy library can only run with the support of member volunteers. Volunteering also keeps membership fees low.

We ask members to do six hours of volunteer duty a year. You can nominate which sessions suit you on SETLS. There are various ways to complete duty to many of which can be done from home. We are flexible to the busy lifestyles of our members. However it is acceptable to not complete duty if you so choose as well.

The first volunteer session is encouraged to be completed within three months of joining the toy library. Members can bring their children to the toy library during roster duty sessions.

Duty levy bond

All members pay an $60 ($30 for concession) duty levy bond which is included in the membership fee. $60 will only be refunded  if all six hours of duty is completed during the membership year.


There are fines for overdue toys, missing pieces and damaged toys. Most will be no more than $3, how it may be more depending on the piece. Fines for missing pieces are refunded if the missing piece(s) is returned.

Get more involved in the toy library

Are you interested in helping with:

  • toy purchasing and donation drives
  • fundraising and events
  • marketing and communications
  • distributing posters and doing talks at Maternal Health Centres
  • administration and finance
  • grant applications
  • website and IT support

The Kingston Toy Library is managed by a voluntary member committee, elected annually. We always welcome new committee members and have a number of short and long term projects and positions available. Read more about the benefits of joining committee on the committee page.