The toy library can only run with the support of member volunteers, volunteering also keeps membership fees low.

We ask members to do just six hours of volunteer duty a year per family, which is just three sessions. We are flexible to the busy lifestyles of our members so we have created many different ways to complete the six hours. However it is acceptable to not complete duty if you so choose as well. You can nominate which sessions suit you on SETLS.

Roster duty

Assisting with an open session; as you are welcome to bring along your children tasks will be flexible to how children are going. Tasks may include counting toys, shelving, cleaning, borrowing or returning. All upcoming duty sessions are listed on SETLS.

Home duties

There are regularly tasks that can be completed from home, staggered throughout the week. These vary throughout the year, and are written on a coloured page on the borrowing desk. It could be contacting boxes, washing toys, repairing toys, baking, distributing posters or something else.

Special events

These duties are for set times outside our normal open sessions, where you may receive one to six hours of duty for attending. Some may not be appropriate to bring children along.  All upcoming special events will be listed on SETLS. Some special events have been new parent talks, manning fundraising stall, and working bee.

Refer a friend

This is one of the simplest ways to earn one hour of duty by just referring one friend or family to join KTL. Get six families to join and your duty is completed.

Opt not to do duty

You can choose not to do duty if you wish.  However don’t forget you have the whole membership year to complete your duty, you may decide later in the year you are able to help out.

Join committee

The toy library wouldn’t be where it is today without the countless committee members who have been working behind the scenes all these years. Committee members come from all walks of life; working full time, part time, studying or stay at home parent.

Are you interested in helping with:

  • toy purchasing and donation drives
  • fundraising and events
  • marketing and communications
  • distributing posters and doing talks at Maternal Health Centres
  • administration, HR and finance
  • grant applications
  • website and IT support

We always welcome new committee members and have a number of short and long term projects and positions available. Read more about the benefits of joining committee on the committee page.

Duty levy bond

All members pay an $60 ($30 concession) duty levy bond which is included in the membership fee. $60 ($30 concession) will only be refunded if all six hours of duty is completed during the membership year.

As of the 1st March 2019 all new members duty levy bond will only be refunded if all six duty hours have been completed.